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We Don’t Give an F-Duct – Malaysia

Join Stef Meens and Elliot Busby as they take you through the weekends F1 action. The lads talk through all the hot topics following the Malaysia race, including Russian Vitaly Petrov’s outrageous rallying demonstration, Hamilton and Alonso’s crash, and Scotland’s very own Paul Di Resta.


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"The Rudderless Russian" - Vitaly Petrov


We Don’t Give an F-Duct (29/03/2011)

Welcome to a new addition to Champions Chat, We Don’t Give an F-Duct.

As the new Formula One season finally got underway on Sunday (27th March) we thought it was about time we serviced your F1 needs.

Elliot Busby and Stef Meens will guide you through the Formula 1 season, keeping you up to date with all the news from the world’s most exciting motor sport.


The essence of F1: Senna in his Lotus 98T3; great driver, great car, great sport.

As with Jumpers for Goalposts, this podcast is also available on iTunes.

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