Double Takes no1

There are several specialist contributors here on Champion’s Chat. These experts can provide detailed explanation of the most crucial and minute aspects of a range of sports from tennis to basketball.

I’m not one of them!  I’m a simple football fan – and a rather ill-informed one at that. I’m not one for tactics, in-depth analysis or even scoreline predictions. So, to sidestep my lack of knowledge, I tend to focus on the funny side of football. In my first contribution to Champion’s Chat, I’m taking a look at a few of football’s lookalikes.

1: Xavi & Robert Downey Jr

There are certainly similarities in appearance here. However, Barcelona’s midfield maestro doesn’t quite have the wild reputation that Downey Jr has.

Xavi has made his name thrilling fans and weaving his magic inside the chalky white lines of the Camp Nou. Downey Jr, on the other hand, has spent much of his career making chalky white lines disappear while weaving his way around various correctional facilities and rehab centres.

One thing is certain though: both men ply their trade with an abundance of style and charisma. The world of football would be a dull place without players like Xavi. Likewise, Hollywood would be pretty mundane without the Robert Downey Jrs of the world.

Fellas, we salute you!

2: Georgios Samaras & Freddie Mercury

“Don’t stop me now. I’m having such a good time. I’m having a ball”

This lyric doesn’t quite sum up Georgios Samaras’ time at Celtic. The big Greek striker has been labelled “a bit of an enigma” by manger Neil Lennon. He is certainly capable of moments of magic. Well, it’s a kind of magic.

His most recent league performance against Rangers, when he clinched victory with two goals at Ibrox, has again got fans wondering why he cannot find the same standard on a consistent basis.

If Samaras spent the same time conditioning his goal scoring instinct as he does conditioning his flowing Mercury-esque barnet, Celtic fans may be a little less unsure of the man. For now at least, many fans will continue to view him as a frustrating underachiever.

Still, all past sins (and that hair do) will be quickly forgiven if Samaras can chip in with a few more important goals to lead the Celtic fans in a chorus of “We Are The Champions”.

3: Samuel Eto’o & Grace Jones

In her hit Libertango, Grace Jones sung “strange, I’ve seen that face before.” The very same thought popped into my head on seeing world-renowned striker Samuel Eto’o for the first time.

I’m not quite sure which of these stars I am insulting the most with this comparison but there are certainly similarities. One is an eccentric, high cheek-boned diva with a fiery temper. The other, Grace Jones, is much the same.

The question is: who would win in a fight?

Eto’o displayed his bad temper playing for Inter when he floored Chievo’s Bostjan Cesar with a Zidane style head butt to the chest. But, watch out Samuel, Grace has previous too.

Let battle commence!

If you have any football lookalikes you want to share, please let us know and we will display the best ones on the blog. Regardless of whether they are painstakingly accurate or silly and obscure – please get in touch! Just email them to (be sure to include the weblink where you found the picture)


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